MKP Smartlam A3 Laminating Machine

RM 350.00

The MKP Laminating Machine is designed to give your favorite photos and important documents a permanent seal for long-term protection from damage. It has a clear, professional film that lets content and information show through. This 4-roller laminator is ideal for certificates, signs, artwork, photos, ID badges, luggage tags, business cards and more.

The main selling point for this machine is the jam-free function. You may now be care-free when you laminate your important documents!

  • Laminating size: A3
  • Laminating thickness: up to 175mic
  • Laminating speed: 400 mm/min
  • Max. Temperature: 160°C
  • Min. Temperature: 100°C
  • Reverse: Yes
  • Roller: 4
  • Roller Diameter: 19mm
  • Power Supply: 300 W
  • Voltage: 220-240v / 50Hz
  • Rated current: Max. 1.5A
  • Machine size: 460 * 135 * 90mm
  • Weight: 3.5kg